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  • Low commission from 1%
  • Instant funds withdrawal
  • Quick and easy integration
Прием платажей в криптовалюте через CryptoCloud.

We help to accept

обмен Bitcoin/USDT


 обмен Ethereum/USDT


обмен Litecoin/USDT


обмен Tether/RUB


обмен Bitcoin/USDT


обмен Ethereum/USDT


обмен Litecoin/USDT


обмен Tether/RUB



What are the benefits of crypto processing?

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity around the world

The number of cryptocurrency wallet holders grows every year, which makes cryptocurrency a convenient way to pay.

No need to register a sole proprietorship or legal entity

To accept cryptocurrency payments, you only need to be an individual. The country of your citizenship doesn’t matter

Для приема криптовалюты можно быть физическим лицом любой страны.
Международные платежи в криптовалюте из любой точки мира.

Fast international payments

Your potential customers will be able to pay for any goods and services online in seconds from any corner of the world.

No payment risks

Forget about being blocked by payment systems for opening transaction disputes or credit card fraud

CryptoCloud a universal cryptocurrency payment solution for any business

Widget for buying cryptocurrency in the checkout window CryptoCloud




Fiat currencies




Payment methods

Your customers don't have cryptocurrency?

A widget that enables to buy cryptocurrencies with a card (except RU cards) for your customers from all over the world!

To connect the widget, you need to register in your personal account, fill in the form and go through the KYB procedure.

The benefits of cryptoprocessing CryptoCloud

Low commissions

CryptoCloud's fees are much lower than fees of bank card payment services and start at 1%.

Simple and convenient checkout

The payment page's intuitive interface makes it easy to place an order.


Keep users safe with protection against DDoS attacks and full data encryption

Премущества CryptoCloud: комиссия от 1%, понятный интерфейс, безопасность от DDos атак.
Премущества CryptoCloud: не нужно предоставлять документы, выставление счета в предложенной криптовалюте, управление аккаунтом с телефона.

Minimum moderation

We do not ask for personal or corporate documents in order to connect. An email confirmation is sufficient.


Invoice for payment through your personal account in any of the cryptocurrencies offered by the service.

Easy to use

Thanks to the adaptive interface, you can easily manage your account from anywhere in the world, even from your phone

Multiple cryptocurrencies

Easily accept payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether

Withdrawal within 30 minutes

Withdraw funds from your account balance to your cryptocurrency wallet or exchanger, even on weekends.

Quick support

Do you have any questions about the service or have a problem? We are available weekdays, weekends and public holidays, day and night

Премущества CryptoCloud: прием платежей через Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether. Вывод за 30 минут.

All possibilities for the convenient payment receipts

Просмотр детальной статистики в личном кабинете

Detailed statistics

View statistics, the payments and disbursements history, and upload the necessary reports in your private office.

Уведомление в режиме реального времени через Telegram-бота или email


Find out about all transactions in real time via Telegram bot or email notifications.

Возможность двухфакторной аунтификации


The ability to fully secure access to funds through user identification when logging into an account.

Easy integration to your website

Thanks to a structured API and finished modules
integration takes no more than 1 hour.

If you need help connecting, just
get in touch with us

Structured API

A clear and simple API that even a novice with minimal programming experience can understand

Ready integration modules

We offer many modules for the fast and secure integration of CryptoCloud with popular CMSes.

Connection assistance

A non-standard task? Contact us and we will propose the best solution for integration!

How to connect cryptoprocessing CryptoCloud ?

Accepting cryptocurrency payments is incredibly easy and completely safe!

Account registration

All you need to register is an email address. No personal or corporate details are required.

Choosing a connection method

You can take advantage of out-of-the-box modules for popular CMSes, as well as a structured API.

Acceptance of payments

The connection process takes up to 1 hour, after that you can start accepting payments instantly

Подключение криптопроцессинга: регистрация через электронный адрес. Подключение через CMS или API.
 В CryptoCloud принимаются криптовалюта: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether. Бесплатная регистрация

Start accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies today

Registration is completely free. If you need help or advice on connecting your business, we are happy to help you.

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