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April 2024 CryptoCloud Updates: Auto Conversion, AML Check, Brand Guide

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At CryptoCloud, we constantly improve our services to provide the best cryptocurrency payment experience. We are happy to announce the latest updates to make accepting crypto payments more convenient and secure.

Autoconversion to USDT 

Cryptocurrency differs from fiat in the absence of collateral, so its value can change significantly even within a short time period. Now, CryptoCloud merchants have an opportunity to enable the automatic conversion of incoming payments from BTC and LTC to USDT, a stablecoin with a fixed exchange rate.

Auto conversion of incoming payments to Tether helps protect funds from volatility.

This will ensure that your funds are protected from cryptocurrency volatility. Our platform will select the best exchange rate among 10+ licensed operators.

The function can be activated in the project settings in your personal account.

Static Wallets 

For convenience, we have added the function of using permanent wallet addresses. Now, clients can make payments to the same address without creating a new invoice each time. Funds will be instantly credited to the account with a response from the API, speeding up the payment process and making it more comfortable for you and your clients.

This feature is most relevant for projects that require repeated payments (e.g., account replenishment). 

By using the API, you can accept cryptocurrency to a permanent wallet address.

AML Transaction Check

User security is our top priority. Activating the AML transaction check will help you avoid contact with fraudsters and possible blocks on exchanges. 

AML check of transfers is a guarantee of «purity» of the received cryptocurrency.

The system automatically analyzes each transaction and stops those with high risk. This helps protect your assets and ensure the safety of cryptocurrency transactions.

The function can also be activated in the project settings. No changes to the integration will be required.

Brand Guide

The CryptoCloud team has developed a guide on integrating branded payment icons into the website.

The icons are designed to help you inform users about the cryptocurrency payment option on your website. Their use attracts customers who use cryptocurrency as a preferred payment method.

You can place icons, for example, on the page with available payment methods. Adding illustrations to the website is performed by inserting HTML code or manually uploading files from the archive.

Further Updates Are Coming Soon

We strive to make working with cryptocurrencies as convenient, efficient, and safe as possible for clients. Auto conversion to USDT, static wallets, and AML transaction verification are all designed for your comfort and security.

Don't forget to follow the updates, as we are constantly working on expanding the functionality and optimizing the service. You can learn more about other platform features on our website and in the FAQs. 

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