Welcome to the CryptoCloud documentation for developers

CryptoCloud – is a tool that allows you to create invoices for payment in cryptocurrency and provides a convenient interface for receiving, accounting and withdrawing funds. Our service helps entrepreneurs from all over the world to accept international payments in a convenient way.

The purpose of this documentation is to illustrate how to integrate any project with API and start accepting cryptocurrency payments

You can find more details about integration possibilities in the «Integration» section. For help in integrating CryptoCloud go to the «Support». section.

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How the integration works

The first thing to do is to get an authorization token in the 'Add Project' section of your personal account.

To create an invoice, send a request using the token in the Authorization header.

After successful payment you will receive a reply from the service to the address given in the Result URL line of the 'Add project' section.

  • We send notifications of successful payments only.
  • A payment is considered successful only if the invoice is fully paid. Partially paid bills will be cancelled.
  • We will repeat successful payment notifications within 3 days if no response is received from your service.
  • If necessary, a response can be initiated manually by opening an account in the Payments section.
Invoice creation
Checking account status


You must be authorized in order to access the required methods.


To authorize, your API KEY must be passed in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Token <API KEY>


For all unauthorized requests, the server will return a «401» authorization error.

You can get the API KEY from the «Add project» page in your personal account.


Example of a request with a token

curl-X POST https://api.cryptocloud.plus/v1/invoice/create \
-header "Authorization: Token eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIAcI1NiJ9.eyJpZCI6MTMsImV4cCI6MTYzMTc4NjQyNn0.HQavV3z8dFnk56bX3MSY5X9lR6qVa9YhAoeTEHkaAzs" 



Potential  errors

Response code

Error key

Error description



Incorrect API KEY


Error response example


  "message": "Unauthenticated."