In this article, we describe the latest CryptoCloud updates.

December 2023 CryptoCloud Updates: Supporting New API Methods

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With cryptocurrencies playing an increasingly prominent role in the financial world, we at CryptoCloud are committed to providing our users with the most advanced tools for working with digital assets.

We are proud to announce the latest updates to our service, which greatly expand the possibilities of incorporating cryptocurrencies into your business.

API Update 

We have significantly expanded the functionality of our API following feedback from our users. It now offers new methods including canceling invoices, getting invoice and balance information as well as statistics for a selected period. 

A new version of the documentation is now available in Gitbook, providing even easier access to the information you need. To speed up the integration process with our API, you can download the SDK file. 

You can now cancel invoices and get balance information in the CryptoCloud API.

Now the documentation also provides all the latest information on CryptoCloud service integration. Additionally, we have updated the instructions for CMS modules, as well as for the HTML widget. 

The documentation is available at

Website Design Update

We have modernized the design of our website, making it more user-friendly and convenient. Now you can read all the latest information about all the functions and features of our service, as well as find out about the latest news and updates. 

There is a video on the CryptoCloud website that explains how the system works.

On the page about crypto processing features you can watch a video about the operating principle of our payment system, test a demo checkout, explore new features you may not have known about yet.

Personal Account Improvement

We constantly work on making the personal account better, eliminating bugs and increasing the usability of the service. Your opinion is important to us, so feel free to share your suggestions via the feedback form in the personal account.

Support Department Development

We have seriously strengthened the work of the support department to provide our users with high-quality and fast service. Our specialists are ready to provide detailed answers to all your questions as soon as possible so that you are always satisfied with the service.

In 2024 with CryptoCloud

The above updates are part of our ongoing work to optimize and improve CryptoCloud. We are committed to providing you with the best tools for handling cryptocurrency payments so that you can step forward with confidence in this fast-paced world. 

With the New Year coming up, may we wish you happiness, success and prosperity from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate your trust and support and look forward to continuing our cooperation in the new year. 

We continue to be dedicated to improving our service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support. The CryptoCloud team is always ready to assist you in using our tools to accept cryptocurrency payments. 

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We share news on Telegram
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We share news on Telegram