CryptoCloud is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for business.

CryptoCloud crypto payment gateway: a full review


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According to the research done by PYMNTS and Bitpay in June 2022, 42% of the respondent companies plan on starting to accept cryptocurrency payments within the next 12 months. 85% of companies that earn over USD 1 billion from online sales are already implementing crypto payments to their POS platforms. 

The respondents opined that a chance to find new customers was the strongest motive for updating their list of payment methods. Other motives included: improved competitive power, a chance to make cross-border transactions, and lowering money transfer costs.

This article explores the advantages and opportunities offered by the CryptoCloud crypto processing service and describes how to start accepting crypto payments and increase your payment conversion ratio. 

What is CryptoCloud

CryptoCloud is a crypto payment gateway enabling you to accept and process payments in currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), etc. The asset list grows constantly. The service offers a crypto acquiring solution for integration with online services, online stores, online schools, Telegram bots or other platforms.

Please read the article to learn about the main advantages of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. 

Accepting payments in cryptocurrency using CryptoCloud.

The CryptoCloud service is convenient for a number of reasons:

  • Free connection and low fees. You can sign up and integrate the service with a website free of charge. Transaction fees start from 0.4%. Medium and large businesses have the option to negotiate individual conditions.  

  • Easy integration. You have multiple ways to connect your project to the service. CryptoCloud offers a variety of ready-made modules for popular CMSs to ensure integration in just a few minutes. You can also use the service if you have no website.  

  • Fast money withdrawals.  

  • Ease of use. The interface is user-friendly. There are easily understandable instructions for all sections and fields. You can access your personal account from a desktop or a laptop computer as well as from a mobile device.   

  • Fast technical support and a large knowledge base.
  • Data security and stable operation. The service uses encryption and protection against DDoS attacks.  

  • Partnership program. Those participating in our referral program get 15% of the fees paid by referees.  

  • Constant development. We constantly update our service’s functionality.  

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CryptoCloud Capabilities

Creation invoices for payment

One of CryptoCloud’s key functions is generating invoices as payment links. It makes even those entrepreneurs who do not have a website or an online store able to accept international payments in any available cryptocurrency.

You can create an invoice for any amount you want manually in the Payments section. If you connect your website to the service, an invoice will be generated whenever a client chooses a payment method and proceeds to pay. 

Invoicing in the form of a link to payment in cryptocurrency in CryptoCloud.

After money arrives to your account, you are free to transfer it to your crypto wallet or convert it into another cryptocurrency. The conversion between available cryptocurrencies is nearly instantaneous and does not require system verification.

Automated acceptance of payments

The main advantage of CryptoCloud over manual money transfers is that it converts the price of products or services on your website from fiat to crypto automatically and generates a crypto wallet address. You do not have to select the customer’s currency or calculate the payment amount.

After the customer forwards money to the specified address, the system searches the blockchain for the transaction. If the payment is completed in full, the system will confirm it within a few minutes, depending on the chosen currency. If not the full amount was paid, the system will calculate the amount that should be added to it.

After the payment is confirmed, its status changes to «Paid», and the customer gets a notification to the e-mail address specified.  

CryptoCloud converts the price of the product into cryptocurrency on the site automatically.

Buying cryptocurrency

One of CryptoCloud’s most striking advantages is an option to integrate a partnership payment method that gives website users from all over the world a chance to use their bank cards to buy cryptocurrency.

After buying the cryptocurrency, the invoice will be paid automatically and the money added to your CryptoCloud balance. 

CryptoCloud allows you to buy cryptocurrency from a bank card on the payment page.

You can take a look at the cryptocurrency purchase page if you follow the link. You also can purchase cryptocurrency without paying the invoice. Learn how to enable this payment method from this section.

Handling multiple projects

The process of adding a project is intuitive and easy. All you have to do is fill in a few fields and select the settings you want. Use the video guide you can find in your personal account, if necessary.

You can add multiple projects and manage them with ease from your personal account, i.e. select available cryptocurrencies, set up payment methods, disable projects temporarily or delete them. The number of projects is unlimited.  

In CryptoCloud, merchants can change payment methods with cryptocurrency for customers.

Payment analytics

You can access your stats through your personal account. The data includes all payments for the selected period: created, paid fully or partially. You can view details for each payment, confirm partially paid invoices manually, track payment dynamics through your account using the dashboard and charts, or download it all as an Excel file.

The service has the option to set limited access to some sections of your personal account for other users, such as developers, support or finance staff. 

CryptoCloud provides detailed statistics on accepting crypto payments.

CryptoCloud Payment Page

The payment page conversion depends on a number of factors. Research by Baymard Institute demonstrated that 17% of customers abandon their orders because the payment process is too long and the payment page interface is too complicated.

Our developers made the checkout interface very clear, even for users who have not used cryptocurrency for payment before. Like in most payment services, the payment method and the currency selection are on the left, and the final amount is on the right. 

The CryptoCloud payment page is understandable for beginners in cryptocurrency.

The available currencies include:

  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Litecoin,
  • Stablecoins (USDT and USDC in TRC20, ERC20, BSC, SOL, Polygon networks, BUSD in ERC20 network).

We are constantly expanding the list of currencies we work with. Learn about the available payment methods from this section.

The invoice is available for payment within 24 hours after it is created. The price stays fixed for that period, protecting both parties from cryptocurrency volatility. You can find a payment page sample on our website.

The CryptoCloud checkout process has all hints and guides so even a person just recently introduced to cryptocurrencies can make payments easily.

The interface is available in several languages, which makes it easier to pay and receive payments from abroad:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Chinese.  

Project Connection

You can connect the CryptoCloud crypto acquiring in several steps, including sign-up, project creation, website integration, and testing.

Step 1. Sign up

The only things you need to sign up are an e-mail address and a Telegram username. Think of a password and verify your e-mail address by following the link in the message you have received. After you log in, follow the guide introducing you to your personal account.

Step 2. Add a project

In order to add a project, click on the relevant button in your personal account’s left menu and fill in a small form. Enter a name, an activity type and a brief description. Next, select the cryptocurrencies you want and the payment acceptance method.

You can accept payments even if you don’t have a website: just generate invoices as links manually. Upon connecting processing to the website, invoices will be created automatically when the buyer selects the desired payment method. 

To enable CryptoCloud crypto acquiring, you need to add information about the project.

After that, provide a few links: to the website and successful/failed payment pages. For CMS projects, it is enough to specify the website’s domain and select the platform from the drop-down menu. The rest of the fields will be filled in automatically. Then click the «Add Project» button.  

The process of adding a project to CryptoCloud to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Step 3. Integration

In order to be able to accept stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies, integrate the service into your website. The whole process will take an hour at most. We offer three integration methods to choose from:

  • structured API;
  • ready-made modules for CMS websites (Opencart, Woocommerce, Prestashop, etc.);
  • HTML module.

A detailed step-by-step guide for each integration method will help even those with no programming experience setting up the connection. If you still need help, you can always contact our technical support.

Step 4. Testing

After you connect your project, it is recommended to ensure the integration is successful. To do this, you need to make a test payment. 

CryptoCloud offers to make a test payment to verify the integration.

Create a product on your website that costs at least $2 and pay for it yourself using CryptoCloud. We recommend you to make the test payment in Litecoin (LTC) so that the transaction can be confirmed faster. If everything works as it should, the invoice status will change to «Paid», and the money will be added to the balance in your personal account.

Step 5. Accept crypto payments

Click the «Everything’s fine» button on the main page and start using the system. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support.

Accept Payments Using CryptoCloud

Dozens of users sign up and connect their projects to the system daily. We are interested in growing together with our merchants, so we work every day on upgrading our service, implementing new payment methods and improving the payment page conversion.

If you still have any questions about CryptoCloud, we recommend you start using our knowledge base, where we answer the most frequently asked questions or sign up for your personal account. 

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