Buying cryptocurrency with a bank card is very popular among crypto investors.

How to Buy CryptoCurrency With a Bank Card: 4 Main Options

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Buying cryptocurrency from a bank card has become a popular practice among investors, as it gives the opportunity to instantly react to the current market situation — in time to sell or buy the currency, making a profit. 

In many respects, the possibility of earning is precisely the reason for the popularity of cryptocurrencies. In the article we will tell you about the main advantages of buying them from bank cards, as well as other ways of buying cryptocurrency. 

Advantages and Risks of Buying Cryptocurrency from a Bank Card

One of the pros of buying cryptocurrencies using this method is its convenience and accessibility. Most people already have bank cards, so there is no need to spend time opening accounts or going through additional procedures.  

Being able to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card allows investors to react quickly to price changes. Cryptocurrencies are quite a volatile asset, so sometimes even a few minutes make a huge difference. 

It should be noted that technologies that allow you to buy cryptocurrency with a card carry significant risks. This is largely due to the chance of fraud. There are many phishing websites on the Internet, the owners of which will try to access your data. Therefore, it is important to choose reliable and trustworthy platforms for buying cryptocurrency. 

It is also necessary to remember about the commission of services. Usually its size is specified directly on the payment page or in the terms of use of the platform. Therefore, when choosing a service, assess how profitable it will be to conduct the transaction. 

One of the key benefits of buying cryptocurrency from a card is convenience.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With a Bank Card?

P2P platforms 

P2P platforms allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from each other, bypassing intermediaries. To do this, you need to sign up on the platform and choose the seller who offers the best conditions. Then you need to pay for the purchase with a bank card and the cryptocurrency will arrive on your wallet. However, you should be careful when choosing a seller and check the reviews about them on the platform.

Cryptocurrency exchangers 

Exchangers are services that provide services to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money and vice versa. In order to buy cryptocurrency online, you need to register on the website of the exchanger, choose the desired cryptocurrency and pay for the purchase. When choosing an exchanger, you should consider several factors:

  • commission for the transaction;
  • exchange rate;
  • reputation of the website. 

You should not choose an exchanger only because of the low commission, as this can be a sign of its unreliability. 

OTC platforms

OTC (Over The Counter) platforms are websites that allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from each other. The services act as brokers, guaranteeing the security of the transaction.  

One of the main advantages of OTC platforms is the ability to conduct large deals. Sometimes, services may not have enough crypto assets for an investor to buy cryptocurrency. 

OTC platforms rarely face such a problem. In addition, such services allow you to save money, as the commission fee here is much lower than on standard exchanges, where it can reach several percent of the transaction amount.  

Cryptocurrency s can be bought from cryptocurrency ATMs, P2P platforms, exchanges and OTC services.

Cryptocurrency ATMs

A crypto ATM is a device similar to a regular ATM. The only difference is that they are designed to work with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency ATMs allow you to sell or buy digital money from a bank card. 

It should be taken into account that the commissions for transactions in most crypto ATMs are quite high.  

Top Services for Buying Cryptocurrency from a Bank Card

Modern cryptocurrency purchase services offer a wide range of features and benefits that make the process of acquiring and exchanging digital assets more convenient and secure. Let's take a look at a few of these platforms and highlight their main features.


CryptoCloud works around the clock and processes transactions instantly. The platform has a trading algorithm that constantly monitors the market and automatically selects the optimal price, which allows users to buy cryptocurrency with maximum profit. 

The main advantage of the CryptoCloud service is the choice of a suitable provider depending on the currency pair and offered rates. The transfer of purchased cryptocurrency is instantaneous. Read more about the platform in the article.  

The CryptoCloud service makes it easy to buy cryptocurrency from your bank card.


MoonPay's website offers NFT and over 40 cryptocurrencies for purchase. The service uses simple payment forms and fast trade flows. 

The platform works with popular cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, and is available in 160+ countries around the world.


Utorg is a popular payment service with PCI DSS Level 2 certification, which guarantees the security of user transactions. 

In addition, Utorg is 3D Secure MasterCard SecureCode and Visa Secure compliant, which provides reliable protection when buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


Guardarian is a well-known platform with many positive reviews written about its performance. It offers various payment methods that allow you to get your money back in case you need to cancel your payment. 

In addition, Guardarian has SSL certification (Xolphin) and many years of experience, which shows the reliability of the system and the professionalism of the staff.  

Guardarian is a popular platform with the ability to purchase cryptocurrency with a bank card.


Coinbase is one of the most popular services for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrency. Transactions are instantaneous.Coinbase offers its users a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.


Binance is a well-known system for buying and selling cryptocurrency. It offers transactions with more than 70 currencies. 

Binance also has a mobile app. It allows you to follow the changing prices of cryptocurrencies and have constant access to managing your finances.


CoinGate is a service that provides an opportunity to quickly and safely buy more than 150 cryptocurrencies. The maximum and minimum purchase amounts are $50 and $20,000.The reliability of the platform is ensured by the two-factor authentication procedure. 

CoinGate is a platform where you can buy over 150 cryptocurrencies with your bank card.

The Cryptocurrency Buying Process

The principle of buying cryptocurrency on all platforms is about the same, let's consider it on the example of CryptoCloud

  1. First, you need to select the currency you want to pay with and the cryptocurrency you want to purchase. After that, you need to enter the purchase amount in one of the selected currencies. 

  2. In the displayed box, you can choose the most suitable operator in terms of the exchange rate. 
    On the CryptoCloud website, you can choose the most favorable rate to buy cryptocurrency.

  3. After that, you need to specify the address of your cryptocurrency wallet. 

  4. Then you will be redirected to the operator's website, where you can complete the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Depending on the chosen platform, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, GooglePay, SEPA will be available for payment. 

  5. After a successful transaction, the cryptocurrency will be sent to the crypto wallet you specified. 

Profitable Purchase of Cryptocurrency from a Bank Card

Buying cryptocurrency using a bank card is becoming increasingly popular among users who want to invest in the cryptocurrency market. 

One of the fastest and most convenient services is CryptoCloud. It gives users the opportunity to choose the most favorable rates, provides security of transactions, which makes it a great option for buying cryptocurrency.  

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