GetCourse is an educational course delivery platform with extensive functionality.

How to Effectively Boost Sales on the Getcourse Educational Platform?

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The GetCourse platform is a service for developing, selling and running online courses, trainings, seminars and educational programs.  

The website's popularity is not surprising: the service offers a wide range of functionality, from a website builder to e-mail marketing. According to the platform, users' earnings in 2022 amounted to more than $1 billion. 

In the article, we will tell you how to start selling courses, develop your business, and attract new customers.

GetCourse: Service Overview

The GetCourse education platform is a system for creating courses, webinars and online classes. Its functions include various tools for developing and conducting educational programs, creating and promoting your website, communicating with clients, and receiving payment. 

This service is used by teachers, coaches, trainers, and private educational institutions. Even those unfamiliar with programming can organize courses on GetCourse: the system offers a user-friendly design, intuitive tools, and 24/7 support.  

The GetCourse website is popular with both educational institutions and private instructors.

The platform is used in 165+ countries and has more than 16000 clients. Although using the GetCourse website is not a guarantee of making money, even a beginner can launch a successful educational program and build an audience using the platform's tools.

Benefits of GetCourse

The platform offers educational businesses several functionalities. Thus, when creating courses, users can access customization and gamification, a bonus system to encourage students, various content formats (from pictures to videos and infographics), testing and the ability to check assignments. 

The platform also offers an opportunity to create your website: both a simple block-based website and a complex page with a unique design. In addition, there are many tools for promoting your course or online school: creating a subscriber base, marketing through e-mail and messenger newsletters, presales, feedback, promotions, and much more. 

In addition to functionality, benefits of the system include:   

  • Ability to connect third-party websites and social media profiles to the platform. 

  • Automation of routine processes. This allows you to focus on course development, giving the service the ability to process applications, send out e-mails, provide students with access to broadcasts, and other tasks. 

  • A number of opportunities for audience segmentation, student management, and statistics collection. 

  • A wide range of tariffs, which makes the system convenient for both private teachers and large businesses in the education sector. 

  • GetCourse payment module for accepting payments. There are built-in installments, recurring payments, the ability to pay in installments, and a free online cash register. You can connect other payment systems without additional commission. 

Audience segmentation and process automation is available on the Getcourse platform.

How to Increase Sales on GetCourse: 5 Ways

There are many ways to increase sales of educational courses. Let's take a look at a few strategies: 

  • Create a free course. A small publicly available program is an opportunity for customers to evaluate your presentation, competencies, and level of information load. The subject of a mini course can be one of the sections of the main program, a brief interesting review of the main points, an in-depth analysis of a particular issue, etc. 

  • A satisfaction guarantee (e.g., a refund within a month if a customer doesn't like the course) is an effective sales strategy for several reasons. First, it demonstrates the author's confidence in their educational program. Second, the refund option makes the purchase decision easier for someone not ready to part with money easily. 

  • Payment by installments. This allows you to attract people who are not able to pay for the course in full at the time of purchase. 

  • Affiliate Program. Connecting an affiliate program allows to increase sales on GetCourse through promotion from other people who receive a commission for each order. Important: for this tool to work, you need to take the initiative — for example, contact bloggers whose audience may be interested in the topic of the educational program. 

  • Accepting payments in cryptocurrency. Connecting crypto processing leads to increased sales conversion for several reasons. First, it expands the list of available payment methods. Second, it is a fast and secure checkout option that is not subject to restrictions under sanctions, which increases the convenience of working with customers from other countries. 

    Finally, it is a modern way of making payments, which will help to create an image of an «advanced» company — especially relevant for courses related to information technology and finance. 

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Connecting Crypto Processing

Crypto processing for a website is a tool for conducting crypto payments. Cryptocurrency transactions are performed automatically: the author of educational courses does not need to convert the currency and manually confirm each payment, and the client can quickly pay for the selected program without waiting for the seller's response. 

CryptoCloud is a cryptocurrency payment system that offers low commissions (from 0.4%), fast withdrawal, convenient multilingual checkout, tracking of current transactions and statistics analysis. Processing of major digital currencies and stablecoins is available: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and others.  

In addition, merchants using CryptoCloud can transfer payment of the service and blockchain transfer fees to the client in the settings of their project. 

CryptoCloud is a service for automatic acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.

Both individuals and legal entities can connect a cryptocurrency acceptance service to sell online courses. Only an e-mail is required for registration, and integration is done through a ready-made module for Getcourse — you can get started in a minimum amount of time. The platform provides detailed instructions for connection: both text and video.

Online Course Sales with GetCourse and CryptoCloud

GetCourse is a platform for developing online courses, conducting webinars and trainings, and organizing online classes. In addition to tools for creating educational programs, the platform offers a number of ways to increase sales: from e-mail newsletters and collecting feedback to installments and promotions. 

One way to increase sales on GetCourse is to connect an additional payment method and organize the acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency. You can do this through CryptoCloud crypto acquiring — a convenient tool for processing cryptocurrencies, which can be integrated through a ready-made module. More information about the possibilities and connection — on the website and in the FAQ.  

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