In the article we explain how to organize payment acceptance via social networks.

Receiving Payments on Social Media Platforms: Popular Methods

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Users all over the world are now paying for purchases online — they can order the goods or services needed in just a couple of clicks. Sellers, in turn, often accept payment in social networks. It is convenient — there is no need to develop your own website and support its work. 

This article describes in detail the advantages of accepting payments in messengers, different ways of carrying out transactions and the opportunities offered by the CryptoCloud cryptocurrency payment acceptance service.  

Advantages of Accepting Payments in Social Networks and Messengers

Various platforms for communication become increasingly demanded all over the world. They are also gaining popularity as a means of running a business among entrepreneurs. Many of them accept payment on social networks. This is convenient for a number of reasons: 

  • expansion of the audience of customers within the messenger;
  • lack of need for the customer to go to another website;
  • cost reduction on the maintenance of their website. 

Thus, accepting payment on social networks becomes a logical and effective step for many business owners looking to improve the accessibility of their products or services, save resources, and attract new customers.  

Expanding business’s audience is one of the pros of accepting payments on social media.

Methods of Accepting Payments in Messengers and Social Networks

Payment links 

Temporary and permanent payment links are convenient because they can be easily sent using any communication channels: email, messenger, SMS. This allows you to accept payments in WhatsApp and other similar platforms. In social networks, they are often placed in the posts. 

By clicking on the link, the buyer goes to the payment page, where they choose the method of transferring funds and confirm the transaction. When the transaction is processed, the customer receives a check by email, and the seller receives a confirmation of the receipt of funds.


You can organize the acceptance of payments in Telegram with the help of a special bot. 

The client only needs to select the desired product or service. After that, the bot automatically creates an invoice for the appropriate amount and sends a link to it to the buyer. Once the customer clicks on it, they are directed to the payment page and can pay for the order.

Payment to settlement account

This option is suitable for legal entities. The seller places the details of the bank account in the company's blog, on the noticeboard, in the feed, or sends it to the group or personal chat.  

However, this method is not always convenient for buyers. Customers need to go through all the stages of payment manually: open the bank app, enter the necessary details and the purchase amount. This is more time-consuming, so it reduces conversion rates.  

Messengers can accept payment by transfer, payment link or Telegram bot.

Transfer to e-wallet

When accepting funds on an e-wallet, the merchant needs to participate in all payment processes: issue an invoice, verify and identify the payment, and submit a check. Therefore, it is convenient only in case of a small flow of clients.

Card transfer

This is a familiar method for many, but it is not suitable for every entrepreneur. 

Direct transfer of funds gradually loses demand. It is simple in terms of technical execution, but requires the merchant to manually perform all actions: invoicing, confirmation and identification of transactions.

Transfer to a cryptocurrency wallet

More and more sellers prefer to accept payments in cryptocurrency — it is safe, fast, and also allows them to work with customers around the world. This method is also convenient for buyers, as payment via cryptocurrency guarantees anonymity and excludes the leakage of personal data. 

You can accept cryptocurrency payments without a website or online store of your own. Like any transfer, this method is time-consuming due to the lack of automation.  

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, it is possible to accept payments from abroad.

Features of CryptoCloud for Payment Receipt in Messengers and Social Networks

The CryptoCloud service makes it easy to receive payments in cryptocurrency. The platform has a wide range of capabilities available to work with, including: 

  • Manual invoicing. In CryptoCloud, you can customize their due time — from 3 to 24 hours. For this period, the invoice amount is fixed to protect the seller and buyer from the volatility of cryptocurrencies. 

  • Permanent payment links. They forward the buyer to the payment page, where the customer can enter the purchase amount in USD. Such links can be integrated into a button, posted on the website. They are convenient for collecting donations or accepting offline payments — the link can be converted into a QR code. 

  • Integration into a Telegram-bot. CryptoCloud allows you to organize automatic payments receipt in Telegram. To do this, you can use a ready-made API. 

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CryptoCloud is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that can be used to accept payments from customers around the world. It is popular among merchants thanks to: 

  • low commissions (from 0.4%), 

  • support of popular currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC), 

  • the ability to work with several projects in one personal account, 

  • the opportunity to choose the payment side of the blockchain network and service fees. 

Instant Payments — New Business Opportunities

Social networks today are used not only for communication, but also for running a business. Many entrepreneurs create online stores using them and accept payments. One of the ways to accept payments in messengers is to use crypto acquiring. 

CryptoCloud crypto processing has a wide functionality: manual invoicing and creation of payment links, statistics and payment analytics in personal account, as well as integration of the service into a Telegram bot are available. You can learn more about the platform's features on our website and in FAQ.

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