Business owners can organize payment acceptance without a website; we tell you how in this article.

How Can an Entrepreneur Accept Payments Without a Website

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Creating your own website for your business is not always reasonable and necessary. For companies with a small turnover, launching and maintaining a website may not be profitable. Nevertheless, any business needs a convenient way of processing payments. 

We tell you how to organize online payment acceptance via social networks or a blog, set up a bot in Telegram and connect payments to a mobile app. 

Is It Possible to Accept Payments Without a Website?

Many entrepreneurs refuse to launch their own online shop or website, and this choice is justified. Even when using ready-made solutions and designers, development takes resources.  

Add to this the cost of filling with content, promotion and advertising, technical support. As a result, for a small business income from the website often does not cover the cost of maintaining its work. 

In addition, many professionals do not need a website: they work through social networks and messengers. Among such businesses are photography and videography, event management, beauty sphere, consulting and coaching, conducting courses and trainings, selling goods of their own production and much more. 

You can organize the acceptance of payments without developing a website. Below we will consider popular methods.   

Accepting Payment Without a Website: Seven Main Ways

Payment to settlement account

Clients transfer payment to the account details of a legal entity. The details may be posted in the public domain or sent after the order is accepted. This method of payment acceptance is quite convenient for the entrepreneur: it does not require technical preparation and connection of payment systems. 

Nevertheless, from the buyer's point of view, such transfers are just extra time spent on entering payment data and waiting for order confirmation. 

This option is also inconvenient for large businesses: due to the big number of orders, it is difficult to keep track of payments received from customers.

Transfer to a card

Another option of payment by money transfer — in this case, by card number. From the customer's point of view, this is a simpler option than sending funds by details: such a transfer is faster.   

You can accept payment in 7 ways, such as transfer to a card or cryptocurrency wallet.

Transfer to e-wallet

From the client's point of view, transferring a payment to an e-wallet is similar to the previous two payment methods. Individuals can use this option without restrictions.

Transfer to a cryptocurrency wallet 

An option for those who want to organize the acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency, not only in fiat money. The client transfers the required amount to the address of the cryptocurrency wallet. This option is simple from a technical point of view, but has a few disadvantages:

  • cryptocurrencies are volatile and the exchange rate can change before the payment is made; 

  • the entrepreneur must manually convert the amount into the desired currency and calculate the commission; 

  • from the customer's point of view, payment requires a number of steps, which reduces conversion. 

Payment links

Accepting payments via a link is one of the most convenient ways for both parties. Links are relevant for businesses operating on social networks, via messengers or a blog, and can be used for both regular and cryptocurrency transactions. 

Payment links represent one of the most convenient ways to accept payments without a website.

To process transactions in this way, you will need to register with one of the online payment acceptance services, the functionality of which includes link invoicing. Most systems allow you to create both regular and individual links. When clicking on the link, the client gets to the chequeout page, where they pay in the way they are used to.

In the mobile app

Connecting the online payment acceptance system to the company's mobile app is an important step to make its use as convenient as possible for customers. Being able to pay for an order in the app, without having to go to third-party websites or make a manual transfer, helps increase conversion and improve the shopping experience. 

Many payment systems can be set up so that customers who specify their geolocation have access to local payment methods, as well as common options from bank cards to e-wallets.  

Telegram bot

Working through Telegram is becoming a popular option for many businesses. Messenger gives the opportunity to maintain interaction with customers, promptly report news and discounts, organize communication with technical support, and accept payments. 

Telegram-bot for accepting payments allows the customer to quickly go to the page of the payment system after selecting the desired product and pay for the purchase in a convenient way. 

Merchants can also accept payment via social networks. The main methods were described in the article. 

Accepting Payments with CryptoCloud

CryptoCloud is a payment system for accepting cryptocurrency payments. Connection of the service is free, the commission is from 0.4%. The system offers a user-friendly interface, easy connection, the ability to work with several projects simultaneously and a high level of security. 

Cryptocurrency payment acceptance without a website using CryptoCloud can be organized in several ways:  

  • Individual invoicing. Suitable for accepting payments in messengers and social networks. The client receives a personalized payment link, when clicking on which they get to the payment page. 

  • Permanent links. Another way to accept payments in social networks or blogs as well as to collect donations. The link leads to the project page, where the client enters the required amount and is automatically redirected to the checkout page. 

  • Integration into Telegram-bot. Allows you to accept payments in Telegram in the most convenient way for both parties. When placing an order, the customer can choose to pay in cryptocurrency, after which the bot offers to go to the checkout page and complete the transaction. 

  • App integration. Typically used in conjunction with integrations of more traditional payment methods. An extensive knowledge base, text and video tutorials, and fast technical support will help to carry out the integration. 

Промоблок payments-crypto

The payment system automatically converts the order amount into the selected cryptocurrency and fixes the exchange rate for the time of payment. Transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and other popular currencies are available.

Accepting Payments Without a Website — Convenience for Both Parties 

There are a number of ways to accept payments without launching your own website: from direct bank transfers to Telegram-bots. Working through a payment system is one of the most convenient options. 

CryptoCloud is a system for processing cryptocurrency payments. The service supports integration with websites, ecommerce-platforms, mobile applications and Telegram, and also allows you to form individual and permanent payment links to work through social networks. For more information on features and connection, please visit the official website.  

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