In the article we will tell you how to organize the acceptance of payment in cryptocurrency on Tilda.

How to Connect Payment System to Tilda-based Website?

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Tilda is a website builder. It allows you to create an online store, a lending site or a company web page without programming skills. According to BuiltWith, almost 850,000 websites have been created on this platform. Among hosting solutions Tilda and the second place among the websites of the world.  

In the article we will tell you how to connect a payment system on Tilda to accept payment for orders, as well as what is a universal payment system and how to organize on Tilda the acceptance of payment in cryptocurrency. 

Tilda: Brief Overview

Initially, Tilda was an internal tool developed to quickly create presentations in the FunkyPunky studio. The tool then turned into a small independent startup, and over time, it expanded to take over part of the e-commerce market. 

Now Tilda is a platform for creating websites. It is easy to use even if you have no programming or web design skills. To develop a web page, a constructor with a modular (block) system is used. Blocks include basic elements, semantic sections, cards, modules for forming schedules and tariffs, product cards and much more. Tilda website templates will help you get started in a minimum amount of time. It is also available to develop a page from scratch through the Zero Block editor. 

Tilda is a website building platform with a modular system and ready-made templates.

Creating websites on Tilda includes integrations from surveys, widgets and data collection forms to application management systems and payment services. Websites are adapted for any device, are well indexed, and are automatically checked from an SEO perspective. In addition, owners receive monthly statistics on their websites.

Popular Payment Systems for Tilda

On Tilda, payment acceptance is available through various services — the platform has built-in integrations with 35+ payment systems. When choosing one, it's important to focus not only on terms and fees, but also on the location of your target audience. Let's take a closer look at several payment systems available on Tilda. 

  • PayPal is one of the largest international systems that is available in 200+ countries. It is suitable for both individuals and legal entities. The main advantage of the system is its widespread use and trust of its customers. According to PayPal, the intention of users to make a purchase increases by 54% if there is this method of payment.
    On Tilda you can connect the following payment systems: Stripe, PayPal, Verifone.

  • Stripe is an international system designed primarily for business. Through it, users have access to checkout customization tools. The service is available in 45+ countries and is primarily focused on entrepreneurs whose target audience is residents of Europe and the US. 

  • Verifone (formerly 2Checkout) is a service available in 180+ countries. It offers tools for accepting payments not only in an online store, but also at a physical point of sale. Also, like Stripe, recurring payments are available. Integration of the payment system on Tilda is done via API; you will also need to pass verification and receive confirmation from the manager. 

Custom Payment Gateway

On Tilda it is possible to connect a payment system through a ready integration for several popular services. Nevertheless, it is possible to connect a platform that is not included in the list of available ones — the «Custom Payment Gateway» is used for this purpose. It is a tool that allows developers to independently carry out integration and customization of the payment system for Tilda. 

When connecting to Tilda to accept payments through the «Custom Payment Gateway» user can choose one of the ready-made templates already created by developers of various services, or create a new one if the desired system is not on the list.  

The available templates include ArsenalPay, Best2Pay, Intercard, Fondy, PayOnline, Prodamus and a number of others (the current list is available on the website). «Custom Payment Gateway» is an opportunity to connect for Tilda payment on the website through any convenient service without waiting for official integration. 

To connect the Custom Payment Gateway on Tilda, follow the instructions.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments on Tilda

With the «Custom Payment Gateway» for the Tilda website, you can accept cryptocurrency payments. There is an option to connect crypto acquiring, for example, CryptoCloud and enjoy all the advantages of blockchain payments, among which are: 

  • low commissions — from 0.4%; 

  • processing of payments from all over the world; 

  • possibility to choose the payment side of the platform and blockchain network commission — in the project settings you can set the value «Client» or «Merchant»; 

  • increased conversion rate due to the addition of an additional payment method; 

  • high level of protection against both fraud and account blocking.  

CryptoCloud crypto processing allows you to accept payment in cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT and other currencies. Their list is constantly growing. 

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To connect a cryptocurrency payment system, you just need to follow a few steps: 

  1. Register (only e-mail is needed). After that, add a project and select Tilda from the list of CMS-platforms. 

  2. In Tilda's personal account, select «Custom Payment Gateway» as a payment method. Then click «New payment system» in the drop-down list of templates. 

  3. Fill out the form according to the instructions in the CryptoCloud personal account.
     Programming skills will not be required. 

  4. Test the integration. 

  5. Start accepting crypto payments on your website. 

We have also written detailed instructions on how to connect crypto processing to Tilda. 

Connecting Payment System for Tilda

Tilda is a convenient website builder, the advantage of which is the ability to integrate any payment processing system into the page. A number of ready-made integrations are available to users, as well as the ability to add the desired service through the «Custom Payment Gateway». 

One of the platforms that can be connected in this way is CryptoCloud for accepting cryptocurrency payments. This is a modern payment option that will allow you to avoid restrictions and work with clients all over the world. Read more about the service on our website.

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