How to accept cryptocurrency payments on the Tilda website?

How to Connect Crypto Processing on Tilda?

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Tilda Publishing is a web platform for creating websites, lendings, online stores and blogs suitable for those unfamiliar with programming.

In this article, we will talk about the main functionality, advantages and disadvantages of the service, as well as about accepting payments in cryptocurrency on Tilda websites using CryptoCloud processing.

Tilda is a website builder for users with no programming skills. The main feature of Tilda is its block editor. The website is made up of ready-made blocks, which the user can combine in the desired order and choose a suitable design. The platform provides both a library of 550 ready-made blocks and the ability to create your own design.

Tilda offers more than 200 templates for different business areas, integration with various services, high-speed loading websites, good indexing by search engines and page adaptation for any device. Examples of sites on Tilda can be seen on the website.

The functionality of the service is constantly updated. For example, in 2022 was added a designer of online schools and courses, step-by-step ordering in the online store, a new menu design and much more.

Tilda is a website builder designed for users, among others, who have no programming skills.

The service offers three basic plans. Free plan allows you to create one website from key blocks, Personal (from $15/month) gives access to advanced functionality to create one website, and Business (from $25/month) allows you to create up to five websites, export the source code and use the full functionality of the service. When purchasing Personal and Business tariffs, the user receives a domain for free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tilda

Creating a website on Tilda has a several benefits:

  • user-friendly interface and detailed instructions describing how to make a website on Tilda;
  • a lot of templates for quick work;
  • a large library of fonts and the ability to upload your own font;
  • the ability to customize and independently create new blocks;
  • the ability to create an online store on Tilda and connect online payments;
  • working with multimedia: insert video/audio, add videos from YouTube and Vimeo;
  • built-in CRM;
  • fast page loading thanks to Lazy Load and CDN;
  • search engine optimization tools;
  • the ability to export the source code of the created website to run it on your own server independently of Tilda;
  • integration of Tilda with other services — from social networks to connection of payment systems to the Tilda website.

Creating a website on Tilde has a number of advantages.

The disadvantages of the service include identical one-page templates, which, even after customization, remain similar. To fully utilize the functionality of the platform, you need design skills.

Despite the ability to insert additional HTML blocks and scripts, users have no opportunity to modify the code of template blocks and perform complex integrations due to the limited functionality of the service.

When purchasing a paid plan, the user can create 1 or 5 websites with a limit of 500 pages. In addition, Tilda hosting space is limited to 1 GB. All these factors make it impossible to create a large online store, blog, etc.

Accepting Payments on Tilda

On a Tilda-based website, payments can be accepted in the following ways: 

  • international payment systems (Stripe, PayPal, Verifone);
  • own payment system. 

One of the available ways to sell goods and services abroad and receive payment for them is to set up cryptocurrency payment acceptance. 

Read about the advantages of cryptocurrency as a means of accepting payments in the article. 

Промоблок payments-crypto

CryptoCloud for Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto processing is a service for accepting and processing cryptocurrency payments. Using crypto acquiring allows the merchant to accept cryptocurrency payments on a company's website or online store.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly using cryptocurrency payment systems for several reasons:

  • adding an extra payment method to the website, which increases the conversion rate of the payment page; 

  • no restrictions when receiving international payments; 

  • invoicing and verification of transactions in automatic mode. 

The cryptocurrency payment process works as follows: 

  1. On the checkout page, the buyer selects the cryptocurrency payment method. 

  2. The system converts the cost of goods or services into the selected cryptocurrency and generates a cryptocurrency wallet address or QR code. 

  3. The buyer transfers funds. 

  4. The system notifies the buyer about successful payment or about the need to pay extra. 

  5. After payment confirmation, the buyer gets access to the product or service. 

Crypto processing CryptoCloud is a service for accepting and processing cryptocurrency payments.

CryptoCloud is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, USD Coin, True USD (the list of cryptocurrencies constantly grows). The service allows you to accept crypto payments on your company's website or online store, as well as in Telegram-bot. 

CryptoCloud offers a large number of features for business owners and their clients, such as tracking statistics of transactions performed. Text prompts and video instructions will help to connect crypto acquiring within a few minutes. 

To learn about all the service's features, we recommend reading the article «CryptoCloud crypto payment gateway: a full review».

How to Connect CryptoCloud to Your Tilda Website 

Step 1: Register and add a project

Before you can integrate your Tilda website with the CryptoCloud service, you need to register in your personal account. Add the name and description of your project, choose the cryptocurrencies you want to accept payments in. 

Specify the address of your website, as well as links to which the buyer will be directed in case of successful and unsuccessful payment. Choose "Tilda" among the proposed CMS-platforms. 

Before you can integrate your Tilda site with the CryptoCloud service, you will need to sign up for a personal account.

Step 2: Add a payment method

Go to your personal account on Tilda. Go to "Website Settings" — "Payment Systems". In the list of payment services, select "Generic payment system". In the "Settings template" item, select "New payment system (for developers)" from the drop-down list. 

Add the CryptoCloud payment method in your Tilda website settings.

Step 3. Fill in the form

Fill in all boxes of the form according to the instructions in your CryptoCloud personal account. Settings that are not described in the instructions should be left as default. You will not need programming skills to connect cryptocurrency payment acceptance on Tilda. 

You don't need programming skills to connect accepting cryptocurrency payments on Tilda.

Step 4: Publish your changes

After filling out the form, verify all the data you have entered and click "Add". Republish all pages of your website.

Step 5. Test the connection

The module is ready to work. Now you only need to test it. 

CryptoCloud allows you to automate the acceptance of crypto payments on Tilda.

Accepting Crypto Payments on Tilda Websites

Tilda is a convenient website builder that can be used even by a person who has no programming skills. Although Tilda has some disadvantages, its advantages have caused the high popularity of the service. 

One of the ways to work with foreign clients that cannot be restricted is to set up cryptocurrency payments. 

CryptoCloud platform allows you to automate the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, set up a payment page for Tilda and withdraw the received funds to a cryptocurrency wallet within minutes. If you still have questions about connecting the service, register in your personal account and explore its functionality. You can also read the knowledge base or contact us via Telegram. 

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