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OpenCart: International Payment Gateway Options Revealed

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The OpenCart platform has become one of the most popular in the world among owners of online stores. By November 2023, 951 thousand websites were created on it.  

Since the service is focused on e-commerce, the modules designed for OpenCart are primarily tools for conducting fast, secure transactions. Below are detailed descriptions of systems for accepting payments from cards and digital wallets as well as in cryptocurrency. 

OpenCart: Short Overview

The OpenCart domain was registered in November 2005. The platform was originally developed for selling products online, so today's websites on OpenCart are online stores. 

Unlike other CMS, such as DataLife Engine or Drupal, the platform is not suitable for projects other than e-commerce. 

Due to its free use, the system has gained popularity worldwide: it is listed among the TOP-4 American CMS. 

When a project works through the OpenCart system, payment is possible in various ways, including bank cards, digital wallets and cryptocurrency. This simplifies interaction with clients, buyers, and contractors — regardless of their actual location.  

OpenCart is one of the most popular CMS in the world.

OpenCart Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of the platform: 

  • open source code, wide customization options; 

  • extensive database of modules, themes; 

  • integration with CRM, analytics systems; 

  • support of multiple languages; 

  • you can create a website from zero up to the first sale within a week. 

When creating a digital store on OpenCart, it is important to consider the disadvantages: 

  • the platform can be used for free, but for many options there is an additional charge; 

  • setting up a website based on OpenCart requires knowledge of basic programming; 

  • only basic SEO-tools are initially available. 

When developing a project, the user can immediately engage in setting up rules for working with customers and partners in the personal account. First of all, administrators of online stores will need to divide customers into groups, customize access rights; integration with applications for trade, storage, and delivery of products. 

Popular Payment Systems for OpenCart

Tools that allow you to accept money on your website are provided in catalogs of modules (special extensions). Some can be used for free, while others will require paying a fee. When selecting payment methods for the OpenCart project, you should proceed first of all where the seller is located and with the audience of which country they work. 

  • PayPal. The module allows you to customize the necessary parameters, including the method of transaction, minimum order amount, geographical zones, sorting of payment methods and so on. PayPal allows you to conduct transactions in different ways. Statuses can be set separately for each transaction. 
    Stripe, Braintree, Square, PayPal are payment systems for accepting payments on OpenCart websites.

  • Stripe. This module also gives the opportunity to adjust the parameters, set the minimum and maximum sum of the order, define geographical zones. Other settings for project personalization are available to the project administrator. The process of returning funds to the customer in case of need is greatly simplified: you can do it directly through the control panel. 

  • Braintree. More than twenty languages are supported. It is possible to accept payments through OpenCart in various ways, including credit cards, debit and credit accounts. Various customizations are available, including management of geographical zones and control of the payments made. 

  • Square. The module allows you to receive funds the next business day. Credit cards are tokenized. The developers guarantee a high level of security due to compliance with PCI requirements. There is protection against fraud. A team of specialists is ready to help in solving disputable issues. 

When choosing an OpenCart payment module, it is important to take into account regional peculiarities, political and economic factors, and the composition of the target audience. 

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments on OpenCart

CryptoCloud service allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other popular cryptocurrencies. 

Earlier we have already discussed how to connect cryptocurrency acquiring to Opencart. The pros that this option of accepting payments has: 

  • transactions are carried out quickly thanks to blockchain technology; 

  • you can pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world; 

  • information is encrypted, preserving the complete anonymity of the transaction participants. 

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Low commissions are a great bonus. CryptoCloud charges fees starting from 0.4% of the transaction amount, which is much more favorable than other services. 

The module for working with projects on OpenCart is available for free. To download it and explore the possibilities of cryptocurrency payments, just follow the link. The module is also available in the official Opencart store.

Quickly Accept Payments on OpenCart

CMS capabilities are focused on e-commerce, so accepting cryptocurrency payments expands the audience and increases the profit of projects. After all, other methods — debit and credit cards, bank accounts, digital wallets — often create restrictions on location, make you wait longer and spend more money on commissions. 

CryptoCloud crypto processing helps to overcome such barriers. You can learn more about the platform on the website and in the FAQ section

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