OpenCart functions as an online solution for creating custom e-stores.

Acceptance of Crypto Payments on Opencart: a complete guide

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OpenCart is an online platform designed for creating customized e-commerce stores. It offers over 13,000 extensions and is known for its user-friendly interface. The platform is popular in many countries and ranks among the top seven e-commerce platforms worldwide, according to BuiltWith data.

What other features and advantages does this platform have? What is the most convenient method to pay on OpenCart? Can you accept cryptocurrency payments? You will find answers to these questions in our article.

What Is OpenCart?

The OpenCart platform was initially developed by Christopher Mann in 1998. It only became popular in 2009 thanks to developer Daniel Kerr. 

With OpenCart's features, users can easily create an online store of any kind. Over 470,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs use the platform worldwide. 

Using OpenCart's functionality, users can create e-commerce stores of various types. The platform supports over 470,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs worldwide. OpenCart offers quick order processing, sales management, and customers’ payment acceptance from all over the world.  

Features and Advantages of OpenCart Platform

OpenCart is solely focused on the e-commerce sector. The platform's engine is free and provides sufficient basic functionality for launching an online store, including catalog, shopping cart, and checkout page. 

OpenCart offers a free platform with basic features for launching an online store.

The main advantages of OpenCart are as follows: 

  1. Open-source code. The source code of OpenCart is open and accessible for viewing, studying, and modification. Users can verify the absence of vulnerabilities and inappropriate features themselves. 

  2. Multilingual support. OpenCart offers a Russian version along with support for multiple languages, allowing businesses to provide their services to a wider audience.
  3. Templates and themes. The platform provides a diverse range of templates and themes for website customization, allowing businesses to create unique and visually appealing online stores. 

  4. Extensions and plugins. OpenCart offers various extensions and plugins that enhance the management of the website, providing convenience for both the store owner and customers. 

  5. Analytics system. OpenCart includes an analytics system that allows users to gather statistics on the performance of their online store. Extra services can be integrated to expand the analytical capabilities. 

  6. Educational resources. OpenCart provides numerous learning materials, tutorials, and documentation to assist users in understanding and utilizing the platform effectively.
  7. Backups. Users can easily create backups of their OpenCart store, ensuring the security and preservation of valuable data.
  8. Multi-store management. OpenCart allows users to manage multiple online stores from a single administrative interface, simplifying the management process for businesses with several online stores. 

  9. Integration with other services. OpenCart supports integration with various services, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It also offers the ability to incorporate different payment instruments to expand the website's capabilities. 

Accepting Cryptocurrencies on OpenCart

The OpenCart platform allows you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This payment method has gained popularity among online projects owners over the last few years. 

Here are the main advantages of using cryptocurrencies as a payment method for orders: 

  1. Fast transaction speed thanks to blockchain technology.
  2. Ability to receive payments from all around the world.
  3. Low fees (the amount depends on the blockchain network load).
  4. Enhanced security level, as information within the blockchain stores in encrypted form. 
You can also connect international payment systems to your OpenCart shop. Learn more in our article.

On OpenCart, users can accept fast and cost-effective cryptocurrency payments.

How to Connect Crypto Processing to OpenCart?

We have discussed popular services for accepting cryptocurrency payments in the article

To integrate cryptocurrency processing with OpenCart, you can use a crypto payment service like CryptoCloud. 

CryptoCloud offers the following key advantages: 

  1. Acceptance of payments in popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, USDC, TUSD and others.
  2. Low fees from 0,4%.
  3. Ability to pass on payment of service and blockchain network fees to the buyer.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. Multilingual payment page.
  6. Fast funds withdrawal from your account balance to your cryptocurrency wallet.
  7. Ensuring security through DDoS attack protection and full data encryption.
  8. Prompt customer support. 

CryptoCloud key advantages include low fees and prompt customer support.

To connect cryptocurrency processing to your OpenCart-based online store, you will need to: 

  1. Register. Sign up for an account with CryptoCloud by completing the registration process on the website. 

  2. Review the instructions. Once you have registered and logged into your CryptoCloud account, familiarize yourself with the instructions provided in your personal dashboard. 

  3. Add information. Enter the necessary information about your project such as the name of your online store and its URL in your CryptoCloud account. 

  4. Perform an integration. Follow the instructions provided by CryptoCloud to connect services to your OpenCart store. These instructions will guide you through the necessary steps. They may involve configuring payment modules and entering your CryptoCloud API keys. 

  5. Test the integration. After completing the integration, it is recommended to perform a test payment to ensure that the setup is functioning correctly. This test will allow you to verify that customers can successfully make cryptocurrency payments on your OpenCart store. 

Why Do Many Prefer Cryptocurrency Processing?

OpenCart is an easy to use open-source platform designed for quick and cost-effective creation of online stores. With its help, you can create a marketplace of any size and integrate various payment modules. 

Cryptocurrency has become a popular payment method for business owners who want to work with international customers. CryptoCloud processing enables the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments on OpenCart and other CMS platforms from customers worldwide. 

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