Crypto acquiring CryptoCloud allows merchants to accept payments from all over the world.

What Are the Ways You Can Accept Crypto Payments With CryptoCloud

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Cryptocurrency acquiring, which has become increasingly popular, makes it possible to accept payment for goods and services from all over the world. They help to bypass political and economic barriers, preserve the confidentiality and security of the transaction participants.  

In this article we will tell you in detail about CryptoCloud crypto processing, its main advantages and how you can use it to accept payments.

CryptoCloud: Brief Overview

CryptoCloud payment gateway provides secure payment acceptance in popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and others. The list of assets keeps expanding. Acquiring integrates seamlessly in online stores, web platforms, Telegram bots, and other platforms. 

Some of the advantages of CryptoCloud cryptocurrency payment acceptance service are:  

  • free connection, low commission (from 0.4%), personalized conditions on its size are offered; 

  • secure storage of funds in cold wallets; 

  • there are different ways of integration, including ready-made modules; 

  • fast withdrawal of funds; 

  • simple and clear interface, adapted for computers and smartphones; 

  • prompt technical support and an extensive knowledge base; 

  • data is encrypted and protected from DDoS attacks; 

  • referral programs. 

The features are constantly being improved. CryptoCloud users can accept cryptocurrency payments on a website, social network or messenger. It is not necessary to own a website — you can start accepting payments without it. 

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Ways to Accept Payments with CryptoCloud


The application program interface, or API, is the rules and functions by which different programs interact with each other. This tool is able to provide, among other things, the acceptance of online payments in cryptocurrency in the app or on the website.. 

In the personal account of CryptoCloud merchant, you can find instructions on how to connect API for accepting payments.

A user only needs to get an authorization token using the section of adding a project in the CryptoCloud personal account. Invoice is created by sending a request using the token when the client proceeds to payment on the website. After payment CryptoCloud sends a notification to the address specified by the user (postback). 

Detailed instructions on how to connect API are provided at the link.

CMS modules

To extend the capabilities of content management systems (CMS), you can use modules that have special functions. Modular architecture is traditional for modern web platforms, allowing you to connect only the options you need. 

CryptoCloud can be connected to popular CMS using a ready-made integration module.

The modules offered by CryptoCloud simplify the connection of payment acceptance on the website. There are ready-made options for Tilda, GetCourse, Drupal, InSales, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, allowing you to set up integration with the website literally within minutes. Detailed instructions are provided for each plugin. The list of ready plugins for CMS expands constantly.

HTML widget

A simplified option for accepting payment in cryptocurrency is the installation of HTML code, thanks to which a block is created on the website that allows you to create an invoice for payment. The block can be realized in either a form or a button. 

An HTML widget is a convenient option for integrating a cryptocurrency payment system into a website.

When clicking on the button, the client is redirected to the account page to make a payment. After payment, the merchant receives a notification of a successful transaction in Telegram, personal account, and e-mail. The disadvantage of this method compared to API integration is that the service does not send postback notification of transactions to your system. 

Instructions on how to connect the HTML widget are available in your personal account.

Manual invoices

Manual invoices mean instantly created payment links with a limited invoice due time. 

To create a manual invoice, a user only needs to go to the «Payments» section of the personal account and click on the «Create manual invoice» button. After that, it will be possible to select the project, specify the currency and the required amount of funds.

Manual billing is a method of accepting payment via links to the payment page.

The sent invoice can be paid within a certain period of time, which is set by the user when the invoice is issued — from 3 to 24 hours. During this time, the price is fixed, which protects the parties from price fluctuations. It is also possible to send invoices automatically after a set period of time. 

The statuses of all invoices are displayed in the personal account.

Permanent links

Another tool is gaining popularity among sellers — a permanent payment link, which has more versatility. 

You can place the link on your website, embed it in a button or send it via messenger. This method is also suitable for accepting donations. 

Permanent payment links make it easy to accept donations even offline.

On the page for entering the payment amount there is a function to add your company logo, which can be uploaded in the project settings. This logo will also be displayed on the generated invoice page. 

A unique link is generated for each project and is available in the project settings. In addition, the link can be converted into a QR code, which allows you to accept payments in offline mode. When scanning the QR code, the user will be redirected to a page to enter the payment amount.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments: Which Method is Better

The listed tools are aimed at different categories of sellers of goods and service providers. Large and medium-sized businesses will find it more convenient to accept payment in cryptocurrency on the website via a ready-made API, CMS module or HTML widget, while freelancers and service providers with a small turnover — manual invoices and permanent links. 

CryptoCloud users can choose the most suitable method of payment acceptance from the available ones. Prompt technical support of the service will help in case of problems and answer all your questions.  

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