Cryptocurrency payments when shopping online benefit both the customer and the seller.

Top 10 Companies that Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

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Unlike bank card payments using fiat currencies, blockchain transactions do not require personal information such as a user's first and last name, card number or address. This is an excellent advantage for people concerned about their privacy when shopping online. Besides these benefits, cryptocurrencies have many other features we have mentioned many times before: low commissions, high speed of transactions, etc.

In fact, cryptocurrencies have become so popular that many online stores started implementing crypto processing on their websites in 2023. In this article, we are going to explain which world-famous merchants are using Bitcoin as a payment method.

What Companies Accept Crypto Payments

Nowadays, cryptocurrency makes it possible to:

  • pay for goods in an online store;
  • place an order at a freelance exchange and pay in cryptocurrency;
  • subscribe to a service or buy software, etc.

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A list of world-famous companies that already accept payments in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is as follows.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps anyone create an online store. Founded in 2006, Shopify has become Canada's most valuable company. Now, millions of stores in 175 countries around the world are operating on it.

Shopify users can accept crypto payments via platform.

Shopify profits from premium subscriptions, transaction and referral commissions, hardware sales, commissions from its app, themes and Exchange Marketplace, domain sales, e-mail marketing, investments and logistics services.

Shopify merchants have access to to accept cryptocurrency payments. Over 20 tokens are available there.

Strike, a payment network led by Jack Mallers, announced the integration of Bitcoin Lightning with Shopify in April. According to Shopify's website, sellers can also accept cryptocurrency through Coinbase Commerce and BitPay.

The blockchain-based online tour operator accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Binance USD, DAI, etc. The company also has cryptocurrency AVA. It is used to buy tours and book hotels, and to receive loyalty rewards.


One of Japan's largest shopping websites, Rakutan, has added cryptocurrency to its payment methods. The group started a large-scale rollout of Bitcoin first in the United States and then in Germany and Austria. Rakuten has integrated Bitnet's online payment platform into its marketplaces. The company has also developed Rakuten Wallet, now supporting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Customers can now use virtual assets to replenish their Rakuten Cash balance.

Microsoft (including Xbox)

It is a tech giant recognized across the world who was one of the first to start accepting Bitcoin. Microsoft has been taking cryptocurrency payments for various digital content, games and apps for Windows-based platforms since 2014.

Microsoft, a global tech giant, was one of the first to accept Bitcoin payments in 2014.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin payments were banned for a while for safety reasons, the option to pay primarily for games and Xbox subscriptions with digital currencies has been returned in 2021.

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network users can pay for purchases with cryptocurrency directly by topping up the PlayStation Store with Bitcoin payouts. Simply select an item, enter the required amount of funds and activate the transaction required to purchase a particular software product.


Namecheap, the world's second-largest domain registrar and a leading digital product provider that empowers Internet users supports Bitcoin payments via BTCPay.

Namecheap, a leading domain registrar, supports Bitcoin payments via BTCPay and BitPay.

BTCPay is an open and self-sustaining cryptocurrency payment processor. Accepting Bitcoins using this new method emphasizes Namecheap's commitment to privacy and online security for all of its customers. Namecheap also utilizes BitPay.

Namecheap was one of the first major registrars to announce its acceptance of cryptocurrency from its customers back in 2013.


NordVPN takes Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple payments. So when it comes to paying for subscriptions, potential customers have a choice. Complete anonymity online is unachievable, but NordVPN can certainly bolster security with well-implemented encryption and a number of must-have features.

NordVPN provides cryptocurrency investors with three ways to purchase a subscription for Bitcoins.


AT&T is one of the largest American holding companies engaged in telecommunications, media and technology. The company announced in May 2019 that it had become the first mobile carrier to accept cryptocurrency payments. AT&T customers can choose BitPay's third-party pay gateway when logging into their accounts online or through an app.


Expedia Group is one of the biggest travel industry technology companies in the United States. The company's website works as an aggregator of tour data and costs. The service accepts Bitcoins and fiat currencies, an essential step in ensuring user data privacy.


Badoo is a major social network that works as a dating service. It counts 348 million customers in 190 countries and uses various payment platforms, including Blackberry and Android. Numerous fiat currencies are processed on the Badoo service every day, and since 2015, Bitcoins as well.


Adult entertainment websites often offer premium member status. Such a status is also available on PornHub, and it can be paid for with cryptocurrency. We are talking about bitcoins, as well as cryptocurrencies ZenCash and TRON, quite popular among users of this platform.

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Looking to accept cryptocurrency?

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