Getcourse is an online education platform where users can accept cryptocurrency payments.

How to Integrate Crypto Payment Gateway with Getcourse

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Since the early 2020s, there has been an increasing demand for online education worldwide. Various platforms help users with this, and GetCourse is among the most popular. The platform allows entrepreneurs and experts in multiple fields to conveniently create and sell online courses, combining many features and is demanded in different countries.

If the content is distributed fee-based, its creator, receiving funds, is interested in ensuring that transactions are fast and secure, without disruptions. Cryptocurrency payment is an increasingly popular option. What are the advantages of this approach and how to organize payments in an online school will be described below.

What is GetCourse?

The GetCourse platform appeared when Internet users started looking for online education. Interest in such a format grew sharply in 2020. Both lockdown and increased speed of communication played their role. As a result, the GetCourse service project began to gain popularity, enabling users to take courses, classes and workshops, and others to create various educational products and profit from their sales.

The target audience of the project is:

  • teachers and coaches, regardless of their field of activity;
  • experts interested in spreading their knowledge;
  • producers promoting experts;
  • representatives of educational organizations.

The platform makes it convenient to conduct training via the Internet, taking into account the possibility of issuing tasks and checking them. The platform is also suitable for cases when it is necessary to hold a webinar and provide access to those who have paid the required amount of funds.

GetCourse Platform Features

The platform provides users with a lot of tools. You can launch your course website without specific knowledge, set up an attractive design, collect applications and accept payment. You can store educational materials and view information about the interested audience on one website.

GetCourse offers various features, such as customizable broadcasting and gradual material release.

Other useful features of the GetCourse project:

  • customization of broadcasting with the choice of access, either general or separate;
  • gradual issuance of materials to users, the ability to check assignments;
  • an affiliate program with remuneration for referrals that allows new users also receive bonuses and benefits;
  • integration with the audience selection system for new courses;
  • communication with listeners via chat messages;
  • analyzing conversions and screening out fraudsters with the help of built-in tools;
  • conducting mailings with automated elements so it becomes easier to attract the most loyal listeners;
  • statistical and analytical tools for promotion.

When using the platform, the creator of educational materials can protect them from various violations by unscrupulous users. For example, when viewing courses through GetCourse, video materials are updated and watermarked, so it is impossible to pass them off as one's own and distribute them. 

The video broadcast, which is made for the audience that has paid for access, is protected as much as possible from direct downloading and other ways to save the material for later use. Besides, GetCourse has a separate option to protect materials from being shared. 

Benefits of Working With GetCourse

The platform has several undeniable advantages: 

  • Easy audience management. You can see the number of requests submitted to participate in the webinar and the number of participants who have paid for access. This data updates within a few seconds.
    The GetCourse platform streamlines online engagement with seamless audience management.

  • Extensive functionality that does not depend on the selected package. Even if you pay the basic plan, you still get access to all the features of the platform: blogging, setting up autopayments and many others. The cost of the package rate is based on the number of users and the amount of storage space required.

  • Broadcast access can be provided automatically. There is no need to manually send invitations to participate in the webinar, what significantly saves effort and time.

  • Ability to connect different payment systems without additional commissions for use (you pay commissions only to the payment system itself).

  • The platform allows you to send e-mails, SMS, and others in messengers. There is also a section of the CRM system where managers can build their work with clients.

  • A convenient mobile app Chatium.

  • Inside the platform, there is a broadcast module where you can conduct webinars, as well as the option of the record in the automated webinar. It is a record that imitates a live broadcast, where comments from participants writes a special program.

How Do I Accept Payments on GetCourse?

You can connect PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and many other payment systems to your account on Getcourse.

Connect your Getcourse account to PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and other payment providers.

You can also set up your payment option (for example, a card transfer) and write in the instructions for customers on transferring funds. To do this, you need to:

  • choose to add a new method in the "Integration" section by visiting the GetCourse personal account and accessing the settings;
  • specify a title;
  • add a description — you can combine text with graphic files by uploading pre-made pictures;
  • save the data.

Unlike the built-in payment options, the new method will not automatically complete the orders made. If you need to cancel a payment, you can do it manually by viewing the corresponding order.

Of course, the lack of automation is able to make the platform not so convenient. While in the case of one or two courses, it is still possible to process data manually, with a large volume of materials, it is physically impossible. 

Solving this problem is worth using built-in solutions or crypto acquiring, which provides automatic acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency, especially since digital assets have their advantages compared to the usual options.

You can also connect crypto acquiring to the Tilda-based website, learn how in our article.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Acceptance on the GetCourse Platform

Education via the Internet today implies maximum freedom of action and availability of materials. It is important that you can share your knowledge from anywhere around the world without being bound by technical limitations and other barriers.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments offers several benefits, like global accessibility and enhanced privacy.

There are several advantages to accepting payments in cryptocurrency:

  • You can send and receive funds to and from any user worldwide and at any time.

  • There is no lengthy waiting time, which can occur if the standard integration of GetCurse payment systems is carried out. For example, holidays and weekends do not interfere with the sending and receiving of funds, as well as the user's presence in a particular country.

  • Only the holder of the cryptocurrency wallet controls their funds. No bank-like system that can block or limit transactions on the account.

  • The transaction fees are completely clear.

  • You can check transactions and make sure that the funds were actually transferred. At the same time, no personal data is disclosed.

Cryptocurrency payments are very convenient for the authors of online courses and other educational products and for their clients, so it is not surprising that this payment method is gaining popularity.

How to Connect Crypto Processing to GetCourse?

Connecting crypto processing helps you not waste time trying to control transactions yourself. The most important is ensuring the chosen service is reliable and convenient. Thus, CryptoCloud service is suitable for creators of educational programs because:

  • fees start from 0,4%;
  • merchants are able to pass on payment of service and blockchain network fees to the buyer;
  • connection of the service does not require any special knowledge;
  • you can accept payments from all over the world;
  • funds can be withdrawn instantly.

Crypto acquiring allows you to increase conversion to payment by providing an additional convenient payment method in the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin and others. You can use CryptoCloud along with other payment solutions.

Learn more about the system features in the article: «CryptoCloud crypto payment gateway: a full review».

GetCourse users can integrate secure cryptocurrency payments with CryptoCloud.

To integrate CryptoCloud, you do not need to complete the legal entity registration procedure. There is a separate ready-made module for integration with the educational platform, which saves time.

Why You Should Accept Payments in Cryptocurrency

The dramatically increased demand for online education since 2020 only drives up interest in the GetCourse platform. It is one of the most convenient and popular tools for creators of educational materials and those who want to learn. Courses, guides, tutorials and other materials can be paid for in many ways.

Cryptocurrency payment available to GetCourse users is a convinient, secure option with no technical limitations. And so that you don't have to waste time and effort on monitoring transactions yourself, it's enough to integrate CryptoCloud crypto processing — a reliable and fast tool for automating payments. Cryptocurrency processing can be integrated using a ready-made module.

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