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What is transfer fee?

Transfer fee is a charge levied when paying invoices on the Tron and Ethereum networks, necessary for CryptoCloud to collect all incoming transactions to one main merchant address for convenient use.

The fee size for transactions on the Tron network is $1.4, while on the Ethereum network, it is dynamic and depends on the network's load. When paying in Bitcoin and Litecoin, no transfer fee is charged.

When paying on the Tron and Ethereum networks, funds are sent to a transfer wallet, and all payments from these transfer wallets are collected at the main address.

You can choose the party responsible for paying the transfer fee in the project settings in your dashboard.

If the client chooses to pay the transfer fee, it will be added to the invoice amount. If the merchant chooses to pay the transfer fee, it will be deducted in addition to the service fee when the payment is credited to the account.

For example:

If a client creates an invoice for $100, he will need to pay 101.4 USDT.

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