In the article, we will tell you how infopreneurs can organize payment acceptance.

How to Accept Payments for Online Educational Courses?

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Infopreneurship is a rapidly growing area of online activity. One of the most popular areas is teaching new professions and entrepreneurship.  

When choosing payment methods, an infopreneur must consider several features typical for this sphere. In the article, we will discuss how to accept payment for online courses and how crypto processing can help an entrepreneur. 

What Is Infopreneurship

Infopreneurship is an online business activity related to the sale of information products. As a rule, the subjects of infopreneurship are various trainings, online courses and seminars, coaching, etc. Popular areas include learning foreign languages, programming and IT, marketing, design. 

Although the demand for information products steadily grows, successful work in this area requires investment of resources: both financial and temporal. In particular, the sale of this type of products requires the allocation of a large budget for advertising, as well as the organization of a campaign. 

In addition, online activity involves organizing a comfortable interaction with the product for the buyer. Many entrepreneurs use specialized platforms with a convenient interface for this purpose. A popular platform for promoting information products is social networks. 

Finally, for successful work, it is necessary to provide the buyer with the opportunity to pay for the product quickly and conveniently and to offer several payment methods: from traditional bank transactions to cryptocurrency transfers.  

Infopreneurship is a rapidly growing field of selling educational materials.

Challenges of Accepting Online Payments for Infopreneurship

As in the case of any online sales, a payment acceptance service for infopreneurship should meet the standard criteria: convenience for the buyer, reliability and security, and high speed of payment processing. Nevertheless, several features should be taken into account when working in this sphere: 

  • Social networks. Most information products are promoted through social networks. Many online payment systems are designed to work only through a website or ecommerce platform, so it is important to choose a service that offers the ability to accept payment through a payment link. 

  • Automation. It refers to the presence of functionality that allows the buyer to open access to the purchased product immediately after making a payment. The need to wait for manual confirmation reduces conversion rate: it is important that the customer immediately receives a password or a link for an online conference, an invitation to a closed group, etc. 

  • Payment methods. It is necessary for customers to be able to choose the most convenient for them, so it is important to ensure the availability of several payment methods and a wide range of currency options. This will help attract customers from all over the world: the focus is on language, not geographical location.  

When choosing a payment system for an information business, pay attention to security and convenience.

Accepting Payments for Infopreneurship: Basic Methods

There are several ways to accept payments: 

  • Bank account details. To pay for an online course or other product, a client must leave a request and wait for it to be processed. In response to the request, the manager sends the details to which the payment is made. 

    Confirmation and providing access to the product is also done manually. Although this method allows you not to pay a commission to third-party services, it contributes to lower conversion rates due to the long and inconvenient payment process. 

  • Internet acquiring. A bank payment system for information businesses. As a rule, it is used to work through a website, where the payment page is integrated. When working through social networks and messengers, a payment link is used. Available payment methods (bank cards and systems) and functionality depend on the selected service. 

  • Payment aggregator. An intermediary service that offers the widest choice of payment methods (bank cards, e-wallets, services for deferred payment, etc.) without signing a separate contract with each of them. They are usually integrated with online cash registers for information businesses. The main disadvantage is higher commissions than with other methods. 

  • Crypto processing. A cryptocurrency payment system for online payments that is usually used alongside more traditional methods of payment. Cryptocurrency payment is accepted automatically: the service converts the cost of the information product into the currency chosen by the client, calculates the commission, displays the wallet address for payment, verifies and confirms the payment, after which the client gets access to the product. 

CryptoCloud offers a convenient solution for infopreneurs to accept international cryptocurrency payments.

Cryptocurrency Payments for Infopreneurs: Advantages

Connecting the ability to pay with cryptocurrency for a selected course, trainings or other product gives information businesses a number of benefits: 

  1. Reduced commission costs. Most cryptocurrency acceptance services charge no more than 1-2%. 

  2. Faster payment processing. Bank transactions can take several days to process, especially on holidays and weekends. Crypto transactions do not require waiting for long periods of time. 

  3. Geographic expansion. Processing times, fees and availability of crypto payments do not depend on the geographical location of clients, which allows you to work with an audience around the world. There are also no sanctions limitations. 

  4. Security and anonymity. Crypto transactions exclude leakage of personal and payment information of buyers — this is one of the features of blockchain technology. In addition, such payments are irreversible, which eliminates chargebacks. Finally, there is no risk of cryptocurrency wallet blocking or account freezing due to suspicious activity. 

  5. Image work and additional promotion. A company that decides to accept online payment in cryptocurrency makes an impression of a cutting-edge company. 

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Connecting GetCourse Payment Module

GetCourse is one of the most popular platforms for selling online courses. Users value a wide range of tools for working with clients, a user-friendly interface, and promotion tools. 

To accept payment for your information products in cryptocurrency through GetCourse, you can use the payment module. CryptoCloud crypto processing provides such a solution for payment processing. You can connect it in a few clicks. To do this, you need to: 

  1. Register on the CryptoCloud website;
  2. Add your project in your personal account;
  3. Download the plugin for GetCourse;
  4. Perform the integration according to the instructions.  

Cryptocurrency processing allows you to increase payment conversion by providing an additional convenient payment method in the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Ethereum and others. You can use CryptoCloud along with other payment solutions.  

To learn about all payment methods supported by CryptoCloud service, read our article.

CryptoCloud offers its users a ready-made module for GetCourse.

Optimizing Payment Acceptance for Infopreneurs

There are features that need to be taken into account when connecting a payment system for an online school. For example, the service should be flexible enough to offer several payment options, and opening access to the information product after payment should be automated. 

Cryptocurrency payment available to users is a convenient, secure option with no technical limitations. And so that you don't have to spend time and effort on controlling transactions yourself, it's enough to implement CryptoCloud crypto acquiring — a reliable and fast tool for automating payments — into your project. Cryptocurrency processing can be integrated using a ready-made module. 

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