Connecting a cryptocurrency payment system to a website on Drupal.

How to Connect Cryptocurrency Payments on Drupal Website?

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The market for content management applications is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 1.1% through 2026. It currently stands at $48.3 billion.

Drupal is positioned as one of the most powerful and flexible CMS on the market, and provides many opportunities to create a high-quality and functional web project. In this article we will look through the advantages and disadvantages of this system, as well as understand how to connect cryptocurrency payments to the website on Drupal.

What is Drupal

Drupal is a free content management system (CMS), which allows you to create and customize websites of any complexity. In addition, on Drupal you can manage user experience: collect and analyze customer data, build marketing strategies, conduct testing. The system is most suitable for the development of corporate portals. 

The platform is used to develop websites for various companies and organizations, including government and educational institutions, large corporations, publishing houses, media and many others. Among the famous websites on Drupal: web resources of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla. 

By popularity Drupal is in sixth place among other CMS, occupying 1.7% of the market share. Drupal has the most users in the United States.  

CMS Drupal ranks sixth in popularity among other systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CMS Drupal

Among the main advantages of Drupal are:  

  • Open Source. It allows users to freely explore, modify and distribute the software according to their needs and goals. 

  • More than 50,000 modules to extend and add new features and about 1,400 distributions to solve non-standard developer tasks. 

  • A powerful API that allows you to create complex functions and integrate the website with other systems. 

  • A developer community that is constantly working on CMS development. 

  • Over 3,000 themes for creating a unique design and the ability to SEO-promote the website. 

  • High level of security due to frequent updates. 

  • The company has partnerships with various companies that provide Drupal training services. 

However, the system has disadvantages:  

  • Complexity and high threshold of entry. To customize Drupal you need knowledge of web development and experience with CMS. It is not uncommon to hear that without good knowledge of CSS, PHP, HTML it is unlikely to make a good add-on. 

  • Difficulties in finding a Drupal developer. 

Various user reviews about creating a website on Drupal.

Drupal Commerce works with different payment systems and can be integrated with over 130 gateways. If there is no suitable payment provider for you, you can set up your own gateway.  

Cryptocurrency can help make payments and accept money from customers from almost any country in the world.

Why Businesses Should Accept Cryptocurrency Payments  

The advantages of crypto transactions include:

  • Low fees. Cryptocurrency transfer fees are about 1% of the transaction amount, while bank fees are 4-5%. 

  • The opportunity to pay from almost anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any one government or bank, so it is not subject to sanctions. 

  • The absence of chargebacks. Transactions in cryptocurrency are irreversible, due to which the business does not pay a commission in case of a chargeback. 

  • Security of payment data. The blockchain does not store personal data about the sender and recipient. 

  • Ease of integration. It is possible to connect cryptocurrency processing within minutes, unlike bank acquiring. 

  • By adding cryptocurrency payment acceptance as an additional payment method, you can increase conversion rates. Read about other benefits of accepting virtual money as payment in our article. 

Cryptocurrency acquiring is connected via special services, each of which offers its own terms of cooperation. 

Промоблок payments-crypto

CryptoCloud for Accepting Crypto Payments 

CryptoCloud is a service that allows businesses to accept and process transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, True USD and others. 

The main features of the CryptoCloud service are: 

  • generation of invoices in the form of a payment link, 

  • simultaneous work with several projects, 

  • automatic detection and confirmation of transactions, 

  • statistics tracking and analysis of paid invoices in the personal account. 

CryptoCloud allows you to connect a cryptocurrency payment gateway to a website on Drupal.

The advantages of accepting transactions through the CryptoCloud cryptocurrency payment system include: 

  • Free registration and integration of the service with the website. 

  • Transaction fee from 0.4%. 

  • Availability of ready modules for CMS-based websites (Tilda, WooCommerce, GetCourse, Opencart, PrestaShop, XenForo, etc.), API, HTML widget for integration. 

  • Withdrawal of funds within minutes. 

  • Clear interface that allows you to quickly understand how the service works. 

  • Effective security system, protection from DDoS attacks. 

We recommend you to read the article: «CryptoCloud crypto payment gateway: a full review».

How to Connect CryptoCloud to Your Drupal Website

Step 1: Add CryptoCloud to Drupal

Before integration, you need to install the Commerce Core plugin. Next, register in your CryptoCloud personal account, add your project and download the ZIP archive with the Drupal module.  

In the Drupal admin panel in the «Manage» section, go to the «Extensions» tab and click on the «Add New Module» button. 

Add the CryptoCloud module on the official Drupal website.

Step 2: Connect CryptoCloud

Download the zip file. Go back to Manage - Extensions and enable the installed CryptoCloud module.  

Connect the CryptoCloud module to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Step 3: Add CryptoCloud to your website

To display the module on your website, go to the «Commerce» — «Configuration» — «Payment Gateways». Next, click on the «Add Payment Gateway» button.  

Add CryptoCloud cryptocurrency payment gateway to display on the Drupal website.

Step 4: Set up payment with CryptoCloud

Go to the CryptoCloud module settings. ApiKey, Secret Key and ShopID you will find in your CryptoCloud personal account after adding a project.  

Configure the CryptoCloud module to receive cryptocurrency payments.

Step 5: Test the integration

Congratulations! You can now accept payment in cryptocurrency. But before that, we advise you to test the integration.  

The instructions are available at the link, as well as in your personal account.

CryptoCloud for Accepting Crypto Payments on Drupal

Drupal is aimed at experienced users with programming skills and is suitable for creating multi-page websites. More than 800,000 web resources run on this platform, including websites of government agencies. 

Managing an online store on Drupal, you can accept payments in cryptocurrency. This will allow you to receive payments from different countries regardless of the day of the week and time. With CryptoCloud, you can connect cryptocurrency acquiring and monitor the dynamics of transactions. To get more information about the service, register in your personal account or check out the FAQ section.

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